Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vegas...Jingle all the way...

Wow...Yeah I just remembered that I have a blog. I cant believe Bill hasn't booted me from the front page of the site yet. Guess my couple of posts have huge re-read potential, or my striking good looks make a good front page for the site. Either way...Ill take it.

For all of you who don't know me, I'm fixing to get married. I know I know...I never thought I would either. I actually remember on several occasions, telling myself that I would never let it happen. Until I met Ashley, I was pretty sure that it wasn't. We have set a date for January 15th and are super excited. Alittle nervous, but I'm told that's to be expected.

Some re-caps real quick on other things I have going on around me...

My buddy Will "ThePokerMonkey", is having a little girl. He's super pumped, as he should be, to finally have a little one to add to his family. He had mentioned this to me awhile back at the Shreveport Circuit stop and basically swore me to secrecy due to past let downs, and also probably didn't want all the hype that came with going public about expecting again. Completely understandable. All seems to be good from what little bit Ive talked to him, and as I told him before, he is going to make one cool ass dad. Good luck homie.

My buddy Devin is out in California and has started his own record label/production company. It seems to be making some serious head-way. Hopefully he likes the fact that I put him on blast on my page. For all of you "Nived Records". They have a few videos uploaded and more to come. I really like the style/sound he is shooting for. Its hard to break down what it is on paper...all I know is...I like it. With his work ethic, and that sound...I expect to see some big things coming from the Bay Area.

My soon to be Father-in-Law has been in and out of the hospital due to severe kidney stones. Not just your every day "severe kidney stones"...I mean like boulders. Softball size. Poor bastard has been in some serious pain last couple of weeks and the shitty Dr. he is seeing seems to be putting his case on the back burner every time he tries to get some answers or a solution as to what to do next. I smell a lawsuit in the near future, but unfortunately he doesn't have a mean bone in his body to do anything close to that....lucky for the punk-ass DR. In hopes of cheering him up, Ashley and I gave him and his wife their Christmas present alittle early this year. A nice propane fire pit for his back patio. He loves it. Mission success.

MMM...I'm sure there is alot of other crazy shit that I could think of, but for now those are the top things I can think of at the moment....So now I start into the story of the Vegas Bachelor Part Trip....annnnnnndddd WEEEeeeeee.

OK, so my buddy Easy has damn near begged me to go with him to Vegas for the past 2 yrs. He tries to go at least once a year. Ive always had something come up or just didn't have it in me to get all the shit done to make a trip happen. Well, when he calls me up and says, "Hey, what do you feel about a weekend trip to Vegas...for free?" ........."Psssshh....F*CK YEAH...Lets roll!" Needless to say, all my buddies were super pumped, and all I can remember of Ashley was crossed arms and the "WTF" face. HAHA! She calmed down after a day or two.

After a week goes by of being under the impression it was just going to be me and easy, I find out one of our other buddies Jarred is coming. Apparently as soon as this fool heard "Vegas", he booked a flight the next day. He managed to book it on the same plane as us. NICE!
The day of the flight was pretty smooth. Our flight was at 9pm out of Lafayette straight shot to Vegas. I really cant complain about this "Allegiant" air line. It was pretty nice pad. Clean and simple. We get our passes and make way to security...everything goes smooth until easy gets tagged as a "random" in the metal detection phase. BAHAHAHAH! Dirty TSA starte whipping out the gloves... OK I made that up. Didn't get that serious.
While on the plane, it was pretty much IPOD and Chinese poker with easy. Dudes first time playing and he scooped me like, 15 times?? Glad it wasn't for money.

Touched down in Vegas at 10pm their time. Lights were awesome coming in. We slummed it up and shuttled over to Treasure Island where we were staying and checked in. Nice rooms. Nothing over the top but had a spacious bathroom and big comfy beds. Had to get a fold out brought up for Jarred, and extra towels of course.
I had no intentions of playing the night we came in, but due to severe Degeneracy...It happened.

We bee-lined straight to Aria because that's all I hear about on my twitter feed, is how they always have the juiciest games and a constant 1/3 and 2/5 PLO game. Well when we get there the only PLO was 1/3 (deep as f*ck) and 6 on the list. Open seats for 2/5 tho. Took my seat to the left of the big stack. Seemed like an easy opponent. Spotted some tight players. Only two loose randoms I could tell at first. An Arab and a white guy to my right who was several drinks to many and decided to play poker. He wasn't an asshole drunk...he was actually maintaining himself. You could smell the scotch a mile away tho. I didn't go after to many pots really. Picked off a few in some pretty obv stealing scenarios but nothing crazy. Saw the drunk guy raise with 4-2o, C-bet flop and nail gutter for a straight on the turn. Q high board maybe? Got the Arab dude to call his All-In on turn with one pair...I laughed. It was pretty sick.
Two hands later I decided to straddle first to act. I get two limper's (one was the Arab) and gets to the big stack in the BB who makes it $30. I look down at two red Kings. I make it $100 straight. Folds to Arab who moves all in for $135-ish more after the ol "ready for bed" speech. Gets to the BB who just flats...FLATS...I HAAATE this spot. I mean...the no brainers just piss me off. Its like you have no control. Of course I shove for $365 more...BB snaps. All low board, no flush...BB has the AA. PSH. Welcome to Vegas.

Easy got popped that session, as did jarred who sat short at 5/10 trying to make something shake. Our Que to go hit the strip.
Went and looked around. Grabbed some food, then hit the sack. Had the itch to play Aria's noon tournament the next day.
Woke up around 11:20, went to "Earl of Sandwich" in Planet Hollywood. (Bar far,best sandwich place on earth)
Got to Aria at 10 after 12 and come to find out the tourney didn't actually start till 1. Hmm, what to do? CRAPS!
After almost an hr of should have been betting the Don't Pass and barely leaving even, we went to get our tourney on. Easy skipped out and just played cash.
I was absolute crushing at first. Then last hand before break I stacked off...blah.

Couple of big hands. Mostly just picking up pots after floating flops and getting checked to on turn. Easy scoop ups.

First big hand was slow playing AA UTG+1. Only 3 ways to flop, which was 10 high board. I lead out for pot and get called by button. Turn gives me a wheel draw (gutshot). I lead again for almost pot into the shorty. He shoves all in for slightly over pot. I called. K10...he failed to improve...nice pot for the home team.
Then some Asian dude who late reggied gets sat down in the guy I just knocked out. He seems abit jumpy. Like he just smashed a Yellow Jacket and coffee. The blinds are at 50/100 no antes and he makes it 500. First hand...500. I look down at 4-5 of clubs and look him on with position and a healthy above avg stack. I flop a flush draw. He bets pot. I'm not folding. Not yet. I cant still peal off a back door straight draw as well...I call one time. I fail to improve to any additional outs. He bets pot again. I had to slow down and think this out real quick. In my head I'm thinking..."OK, your honestly trying to tell me your first hand in is f*cking AA...really. You decide to pop the shit out of it pre and jam,jam,jam. Really." It always seems to me in this spot its AQ, AK, or AJ suited with an aggressive player.
I finally nutted up and shoved, thinking worst case, Im wrong and have to hit a flush to win.
He immediately gets up after slamming his chips down and mumbling and goes to fold and the 4 of hearts flips over...(completely irrelevant to board). He said something like "I guess you got KK". I figured what the hell...showed my hand. "Oh, so you the one that showed up to play, Huh?" HA.
It was a pretty easy decision, I thought. I was right in the thought of him not having a hand...just didn't think he had complete air. Had to have been A4 suited. I have absolute table respect at this point, and table chip lead to go with it. Start raising with a wider range in all positions, picking up blinds, raising in the SB and stealing BB's. All smooth sailing. Then the break hand...uggghh.

Last hand before break...UTG+3. Two KK's. Black. Blinds at 100/200 25 ante. Raise to 600. Get called but other big stack. Flop is Q-4-J two hearts. I lead for 1275. He min raises. I hate this shit...fucking min raise. I really think its only acceptable in the use of a 4or5 bet. But here, on the flop? Do you have like a royal draw??? Top/top thinking im bluffing with a flush draw??? After some debating, I finally decided to fall in love with my hand and shove, under the impression he had the only hand the would call and be losing (AQ) to find out the cold, hard reality of him holding QJ.
(After talking this out with easy, I could have easily just 3x his min raise and have gotten my answer with plenty of chips behind if I was forced to fold. Lesson learned)
I actually was left with alittle over 5k. Got a double up 3 hands after break, then just blinded off until I was forced with 7BB to shove with KJ suited to get called by 2 others. Didn't improve. A high won. Weeee.

We all lost again that day. Wait, Easy won like $500.
So to Koi sushi we went. Figured this would be the night we splurged and spewed our $ like high rollers.
Got some wine, 3 or 4 signature rolls, some kind of butter roasted Duck, and some other shit. All phenomenal. Ticket was stupid high. Whatevs. Got to eat in a part of the place where we could see the Billagio's water fountains. Pretty sweet.
Then we decided enough with the taxi's and went and rented a Tahoe for the night/day. Way more convenient. None of us had ever been down to the old part of the strip, so we rolled.

First thing we saw was the zip line. Wow. That is a must for everyone. To f-ing cool. A zip line all down the strip. Classic.
Rolled into the Golden Nugget....I can tell why this is labeled the "Old" section. Wreaks of cigars and ass. Wasn't to impressed...but saw it all nonetheless.

One of Jarreds friends called us up and told us he was 3 blocks away at a Video Game/Lounge/Club (Insert Coins). We walked over and checked it out. So cool. They had TVs everywhere with any kind of game you can think of. Bottle service tables with two flat screens and If you were drinking at the bar you could play on screens above for free. Plus Vintage arcade games on the other side and a DJ and dance floor in the back. Sweet pad.
That's where we met Raul. He is the Chief of Events and Sales and the Palms Casino/Hotel. I'd say hes maybe mid to early 30's. Super cool guy. Basically got us free drinks every we went due to him either having a connection or being the boss of the bar we were at. That's just the start of the night...he we go...

He talks us into basically club hopping the Palms, but we had to change our attire asap...Luckily we brought one nights worth of dress clothes. So we hauled ass to the room in his Audi...yeah...psh..sick. We all get changed and first on the list was
N9NE steakhouse bar. Real snazzy joint. All modern looking and everything was polished to a shine. Their was a small crowed at the bar, and come to find out one of em happen to be Raul's boss. (Like the top HNIC). No problems...snagged some shots and a drink and then off to Ghost Bar.
When I tell you we got VIP treatment...I mean every bar we went to...Velvet ropes were parted, greeted with a "Welcome sirs", No cover, Free drinks, Free Bottle service tables, Stayed in VIP areas...all for free. Courtesy of the sickest bastards I know. Ghost was cool...All these bars are 60 floors up and on balconys. Had the hang out outside where you could see the strip perfectly. Nothing like taking Vegas in with a stiff drink and a pricey view.

I noticed at the other Palms tower thier were lights strobbing and it seemed to be a popping time. Oh dont worry, that was the next stop...YEaaaah Buddy! Off to Playboy Club. Yet another line to skip and over to the ropped off Vip Bar that appartently nobody could afford that night becuase we were the only ones in there. There was table with a fireplace in the wall that we were using to just chill at. Come to find out it was $5k to have that table... 0_o FOR FREE. lololololol.

Had some more drinks..started feeling it then...Off to Club Moon. Walk in...straight into the DJ booth where we stayed pretty much the whole time. All the Dancers came and told Raul hey, in which case we all got intro'd. Girls bringin more shots and drinks while the listening to the sickest mix of music Ive ever heard. That was probably my favorite part of the night. Then we went up into VIP skybox that was yet another roped off area and was able to see the entire dance floor getting crazy. Then to my fucking drunk ass amazement...this club has a retracting roof!!! As we were sitting there getting shitty, I look up...and Its gone...lmfao. SIIICCCKK.

Not done, off to club RAIN. The usual...straight in...straight to bottle service table...nah, not good enough...straight to DJ Booth. That is to where the night gets blurry and all I remember is puking in a phenominal bathroom, falling into Bellagios garden area, and sleeping fully and all. Needless to say all next day SUCKED. Stayed in fetul position for most of the day. All well worth it.

Finally got up and went to IN&OUT burger for lunch, and swooped into the pawn shop to check it out. Pretty sweet. Jarred wanted to go play at Bellagio, but I just didnt have it in me. Went back to sleep my day way...I dont think eric ever got out of bed that day.

Flight back home was cool. Saw Jon Lajoie at airport. I really wanted to bust out "show me your genitals" song, but was able to maintain myself. Got back in to laffy and dropped Jarred off at his house, then me and easy made the drive back in...everyone safe and sound...ok im done typing my hands hurt.

later fools!

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